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Summer 2020 update

The Solana Beach Redbirds Summer, 2020 Program is set to start June 1st to July 1st depending on easing of restrictions due to Covid-19. This summer’s summer collegiate program will consist of 3 workouts per week consisting of explosive training (velocity, speed, athleticism) as well as league play in the Sunset or San Diego Collegiate League. Below are key points in our training program. 

Please contact Trosky Baseball at [email protected] for additional questions. 


8-YEAR HISTORY: We started this program 8-years ago to develop baseball players with baseball specific training regimen. From day one, we have seen our players improve across the board in throwing velocity, quickness, bat speed, power, reaction time and baseball sprint speed. Over the years we have refined and streamlined the program by adopting insights and methods used in MLB and Olympic Training. 

BASEBALL-CENTRIC TRAINING Baseball requires explosiveness. Our training program matches the specific requirements for baseball. Most other training programs do not focus on the unique Baseball Explode/Rest Cycle (BERC) required for high-level baseball performance. 

MEASUREMENT: One of the core tenets of the program is our focus on measurement. Over the years, we have learned how to measure the key elements that contribute to baseball success. 

MULTIPLE METHOD FOCUS: We employ multiple baseball specific training methods including: Baseball-Centric Plyometrics, Olympic Velocity-Based Weight Training, Speed Training, Quickness Drills, Mental training and Mechanics 

AT HOME COMPONENT: In addition to the trainer-led on-field program, we include a required at-home program. Players are required to do 2 or 3, 20 minute work-outs each week in addition to the on-field training. 

MEASUREMENT METHODS: “You cannot manage what you cannot measure” We use a proprietary combination of measurement methods using traditional measurement tools and advanced devices. 

- 90 Foot Sprint - 60 Yard Sprint - 20 Yard Shuttle - Kneeling Power Ball Throw - 6lbs - Reactive Strength Index - Two Measurements using our speciality device - Throwing Velocity - Run and Gun - Bat Speed/Spin Rates/Extension Rate - Blast motion, TrackMan