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Our family first heard about Jon Lukens from a father whose son was pitching against our son in an Arizona tournament.  Jon had helped the other boy get an offer from his dream school, Alabama, and the dad said, “If your son wants to play ball in college, you must call Jon.”

We weren’t sure for two reasons.  First, we had just hired and paid in advance another consultant.  Secondly, our son had played for a top travel team for six years, and changing teams would mean certain blow back.

But we did call, and we are so glad we did.  Jon made us all feel very comfortable at our first meeting.  He was direct, honest, but caring at the same time. He understood what our son was trying to achieve.

Within a few weeks, we had a great video and started getting calls from top schools.  Our son joined Jon’s team and played great.  Jon highlighted his strengths and told him what to improve, and our son respected Jon and listened.  Jon’s expectations were clear; quality play, good baseball judgement, good teammates.  

Our son landed his dream school, Utah, after a local tournament with Jon’s team.   Jon has the expertise, the contacts and the reputation as an MLB Scout and experienced coach to get college coaches to show up.  They trust his judgement.  Nearly every kid who played with Jon that summer ended up at a great baseball school.   We are truly grateful for Jon’s tireless energy, his great social skills and his ability to connect with the players.

My son loves playing for Jon.  We are all very thankful for that father’s advice in Arizona, and thankful that clearly we made the right call.

Lauren Connelly



Thank you for taking a real interest in my son Jeff’s college career.  College recruiting is such a drama-filled, daunting process that is further confused with an extreme lack of communication from college coaches.  You were able to cut through the nonsense and position Jeff for a great opportunity to further his baseball career beyond high school.  Your contacts and influence proved invaluable.  Thank you again.   I look forward to seeing you soon.
Jeff Woolson
Jon has done so much for me as a baseball player and helping me achieve my goals and ultimately to reach my dream. Joining his travel team was the best decision that I've ever made, he has given me so much exposure and opportunity to play in front of hundreds of scouts and on amateur baseball's biggest stages. I recommend anyone who is interested in getting to the next level and beyond to give him a call because he's not only a great coach but a good friend of mine too.  
          Mike "Mikey" Benson

The Cardinals program has been tremendous for Jake.  Jon is incredibly devoted to seeing his players succeed and fulfill their dreams in baseball.  Jon has been tireless in his efforts and was instrumental in helping Jake get recruited by a number of colleges.  Jake improved a lot in the Cardinals program and, just as important, he, like all the players, has had a great time playing for Jon. “

Andy Singer

If your son would like to play college baseball, you will need to do 3 things in order to make that happen.

  1. Obviously, he will need to be SKILLED with his offensive and defensive baseball play….. The Cardinals Coaching staff will assist you with this.
  2. GOOD FILM of your son showcasing his baseball skill. You will send this to your son’s targeted college coaches….. The Cardinals can assist you with this.
  3. The most important is Coach JON LUKENS…..he is the final piece of the puzzle. Jon is a well respected MLB Scout, he knows baseball.

When Jon makes the call to a college head coach, he speaks their language (better than most college coaches) and gives them an honest in depth scouting report.  Coach Lukens will tell you honestly where your sons skill level is and where he can play and make a positive contribution to that team.

Our son has played travel baseball from the time he was 10 years old. During that time he has played on 3 teams, we have traveled as far as Florida, Georgia and Colorado. Although, it was a fun family experience, it was very expensive, time consuming and did nothing for our sons pursuit of securing a college to attend and play baseball for. 

We joined the Solana Beach Cardinals in our sons Jr. year in High School. Within the 1st week of joining the team, Jon called and wanted our son to come throw a bullpen for some head coaches (Purdue and Iowa) that were in town playing in a tournament.  Jon is so well connected, that during some of our practices, you could see college coaches in the stands watching the players. 

Our son was interested in playing ball and attending a college in the Pacific Northwest. Jon made some calls to Coaches and after our son had his official visit to those colleges, he made his decision and will be attending one of the top Liberal Arts Colleges in the nation.

Jon Lukens and the Solana Beach Cardinals were the key ingredient in making College baseball a reality for our son.

Thank you Jon!

Jim Palmer
Jon and Matt have built my sons swing over the years to a point where a recent session with Padre catcher Nick Hundley resulted in no changes to his swing and praise on certain elements.
- Mark Stephens

Many thanks to Coach Jon Lukens and his staff, who were instrumental in helping our son, a Senior, earn a spot on the Cathedral Catholic High School Varsity team. It was a tremendous comeback, after not making the cut in his Junior year. The stellar coaching and the grueling team workouts helped our player become bigger, stronger, faster and better. Everything about his game improved, especially his confidence. We are so grateful for the time he spent with the Cardinals’ organization, and thankful that he did not throw in the towel when he was cut. You guys made a world of difference!

Dr. Doug and Kelli Politoske

I highly recommend The Cardinals Program. If you are serious about baseball and want to play in college, it is the best program in Southern California - and probably one of the very best in the US. The program does 3 things exceptionally well. The first thing we saw was the ability to access a player's skills. With our son, they knew exactly what he needed to do to get to the next level. It's uncanny how good he is at this. He's a MLB scout, so he has an amazing ability to hone in on the one or two things you need to do. Second thing is the focus on steady and consistent improvement. The coaches really keep their eyes on players and continues to help them improve. If your serious about getting better and continue working hard, it's almost a guarantee that you'll succeed. Finally - and probably the most unique thing - The Cardinals approach to college baseball/scholarships. They know exactly how it all works, how to present players so recruiters come calling. It's uncanny how good this program is. It's almost like having a agent working on behalf of our son - and he does it with integrity and genuine care.


The Solana Beach Cardinals program is by far the best travel program in So California! My son has played competitive travel ball since he was 8 years old. He has played for some of the top program in So Cal.

The Cardinals did more for my son’s ability, confidence and exposure in 8 weeks than his last program did in 5 years! My son committed to Bates College in Maine (one of the top liberal art college in the country). He also had other opportunities in California all thanks to Jon and the Solana Beach Cardinals program.

The program includes practice, games, tournaments and fitness. My only regret is I wish we knew about the program sooner.

Rick Speed

I have been involved with my son’s baseball programs since he was 5. I coached him until he was 12 and then got him into organized travel ball. I was bombarded with presentations that said if I wasn’t already in contact with 100 schools before his freshman year, he was never going to get into a good college. I got him involved with The Solana Beach Cardinals and proved that those presentations were only money makers. The Cardinals Program was able to develop my son as a hitter and a catcher, but he was also able to work with my son on what it took to get to the next level. He was then able to use his network to contact specific schools to match my son’s ability and the school’s needs. As a result, my son will be attending Purdue University on a baseball scholarship.

The Cardinal's program is able to develop a boy’s physical skills while also developing the mental aspect of baseball. They provide a great guide for parents trying to navigate the maze of college recruiting and pro baseball.

I heartily recommend The Solana Beach Cardinals program to baseball players of every skill level and future baseball dreams.

John Estill

We met Jon in April 2012, during the spring of Jack’s junior year of high school. After our first session, Jon said that our boy was a division 1 NCAA baseball player.

From that point on, Jon took the full responsibility of exposing Jack everywhere, even getting him a tryout at the Area Code Games. As we traveled through the many highs and lows of college recruitment, Jon constantly assured us not to worry, there is a perfect place for Jack to play and more importantly where he will receive a high quality education. That has happened as we are happy to announce that Jack will be playing NCAA Division 1 college baseball at a nationally ranked academic institution: University of North Carolina @ Asheville.

During this past year, I have gotten to know Jon quite well. His player assessments are accurate. He is a man of his word and is dedicated to helping his players achieve their goals; helping them to be the best they can be; helping them to fully develop their baseball skills. Doing this gives Jon tremendous joy and satisfaction.

It is without reservation and with full confidence that I highly recommend Jon Lukens to your athlete as a coach, teacher, mentor and motivator.

Dr. Harold Kaloogian

We have only been involved with the SBCs for a few months now. And within that short amount of time terrific things have happened for my son. The Cardinals is a high caliber, result driven program. They are dedicated to these players like no other program we have been involved with over the years. We know first-hand that the coaches really enjoys working with these players and helping them move on to the next level.

After graduating in June of this year, Jake was still undecided where he was going to attend school let alone play baseball. Jon believed in Jake and believed he would receive an offer from a D1 school. I have to say, as time quickly slipped by, I was uncertain Jake would be offered something this late in the game.

Well fast forward to this week….. Jake signed his NLI on Monday 07/01/13. He will attend school and play baseball at CSUF (Fresno State). And I know for a fact that Jon was a huge contributor in getting Jake seen by the coaches at CSUF. Thanks Cardinals.

I can’t say enough good things about The Cardinals Program.

Jeff and Jake Stone